Floor Plans

Detailed Floor Plans of Our Apartment Units

1 Bedroom

These secluded one-bedroom apartments are situated along the north side of the property.

2 Bedroom

These charming bungalows and cottages are nestled throughout the Grand Resort Community.

Corporate Villa

This spectacular apartment is well-appointed with every conceivable necessity.

Resort Map

Marker 1

One of five on-site laundry facilities

Marker 2

On your way to The Grand Resort pool

Marker 3

A row of Stella D' Oros basking in the sun light

Marker 4

Private courtyard style patios located underneath the shady palms

Marker 5

The Grand Resort mail facilities
(We also accept and hold larger parcels for residents in the rental office)

Marker 6

A Palm shaded wooden bridge

Marker 7

Your relaxing walk home

Marker 8

Pathway through rich foliage

Marker 9

Strolling after a cloud burst

Marker 10

View from one of the hammock coves

Marker 11

View from one of the cabanas as the sun sets over the Grand Resort

Marker 12

The Grand Resort rental office under a canopy of Queen Palms

Marker 13

The Corporate Villa after a warm spring rain

Marker 14

A lush tropical landscape greets you as you pass through the Devonwood Drive entrance

Marker 15

A bouquet of 'Pardon Me' flowers just moments away from blooming

Marker 16

Two bedroom cottages with private courtyards

Marker 17

The front yard of this beautiful secluded cottage

Marker 18

A bed of Verbena embraces this courtyard

Marker 19

Journey through a grove of majestic palms

Marker 20

Wandering through the foliage

Marker 21

A cluster of Agapanthus gather the morning sun