Live Comfortably and Close to Nature

Offering Spacious Apartment Units


Experience Grand Apartment Living at Its Finest

At Grand Resort Apartments in Merced, California, we offer excellent apartment units surrounded by stunning foliage and vegetation. With our properties, you can live in a comfortable and well-designed space while appreciating the beauty of nature.

Choose a Beautiful and Cozy Apartment Complex

We take great pride in offering units with a breathtaking exterior matched by a functional interior. Our properties are located near the local college, making it easy to access to students in the area.

The Story of the Grand Resort Apartments Pineapple

Through the years, the pineapple has stood the test of time as a symbol of prosperity, friendship, and other values, which is why we chose this fruit as the perfect representation of our company.


What the Pineapple Stands For

Since colonial times, pineapples have adorned homes and served as an expression of hospitality, good cheer, family affection, and gracious home gatherings.

A Symbol of Invitation

Everybody is welcome to our beautiful property. Whether you are with friends or family, we will ensure that our apartments will make you feel at home immediately.

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Choose to live in an apartment that suits your needs. Learn more about our apartment complex by getting in touch with us today.